2020 International Online Riichi Mahjong Championship (IORMC) Qualifier – Team Australia

Time: Sunday 6th September 6pm AEST

We are running a mini tournament (4 hanchan) which will be a qualifier to decide who represents Australia at IORMC this year. Team Australia won the team tournament last year and Nosty made the final table in the individual tournament. IORMC will be held on 7th and 14th of November this year.

IORMC Details: https://kml.or.kr/?page_id=955&lang=en&lang=en&uid=1183&mod=document

This tournament is open to all Australian players regardless of whether you intend to play in IORMC .
However, we will prioritise players who are playing to qualify for the team if we do not have an even number of players for the tournament.

If you are interested in playing in this tournament, please fill in the form below: https://forms.gle/oYuwth9PCGf7xbQf8 and reach out to the admins on our Discord channel.

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