ARMA Team League 2021

ARMA Team League is a team-based tournament inspired by M-League. Teams will consist of 3-5 players, and players will be nominated to play during game days. Each player will be required to play a minimum number of games (TBD). Games will be played on Saturday and Sunday nights (allowing rescheduling) on Tenhou. The duration and schedule of the league will be dependent on the number of teams that register.

Visit our Youtube channel to watch some of the live streams from last year’s league:–7zmcA…

Prizes: For the top 2 teams (TBD)

Rules will be adjusted M-League rules. The full rules will be made available at a later date.
Red fives are present
25000 start, 30000 return (+20 oka)
+30/+10/-10/-30 uma
4 han 30 fu (7700 or 11600), or 3 han 60 fu, is rounded up to mangan
South 4 round will only end when dealership passes as it would in any other round (no agariyame)
Open tanyao is allowed
In the case of double or triple ron, the next player in turn order from the discarder is the only player who wins (headbump)
No abortive draws (9 unique terminals/honours in starting hand, same wind tile as the first 4 discards, 4 kans, and 4 riichis)
13 han and above is a counted yakuman, and double yakuman are possible (not the case in M-League, but cannot be changed)
You may only riichi if you would draw another tile (not the case in M-League, but cannot be changed)

You can register a team as well as join a list of players looking for a team using the google form below and access the teams and details of the tournament (as they get updated) in the spreadsheet. Registrations will end at 11:59pm AEDT on Sunday 28th March.

Sign-up form:
Tournament details:

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