Sydney Meetup

We currently use other forms of communication (FB, Discord) to announce meetups in Sydney. We’ve decided to create a group on as an additional method to communicate with everyone and advertise our gatherings.

Please visit us on the following link:

Feel free to share this link to anyone who might be interested!

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2019 Updates

Here are some updates for 2019:

  • Meetups in Sydney are currently being advertised on Facebook and Discord – please visit us using the links on the right side of the page.
  • AnimeMQ is hosting a team Riichi mahjong tournament on the 4th of May (sorry for the late post!) – please visit this link for more information:
  • IORMC will be happening on 9th Nov and 23rd Nov this year. If you are interested in representing Australia for this event feel free to reach out to us. More information regarding any qualifiers will be advertised later in the year (around August)
  • 2 of our members will be attending the 5th European Riichi Mahjong Championship held in the Netherlands this year. This event will be attended by the top players in Europe, as well as the last two WRC winners from 2014 and 2017 (Hiroshi Yamai and Masaharu Tomotake)
  • AORMA (Asean Oceania Riichi Mahjong Association) will be hosting league games on Tenhou every 2nd Sunday of the month starting in May. This will be an opportunity to play games on Tenhou with players from other countries such as Singapore, HK, Taiwan. Contact us for more information if interested.
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IORMC Results (Individual)

On November 17th the Individual competition for IORMC 2018 was held as a knockout tournament for the top 16 players.

Congratulations to Gene5i5 who made the final table of 4 and finished 3rd out of 84 players this year!

Results can be found here:

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IORMC 2018 Results

IORMC 2018 – Team Australia placed 4th/21

anthto – 14th (Qualifies for individual competition)
Gene5i5 – 19th
偽赤木 – 27th
Arzani18 – 45th
Total: 84 players

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2018 Online Riichi Championship

Our friends at Mahjong.Guide and the Competitive Riichi Hub are running an online tournament with prizes for top 4 in December this year:

Please visit the following page for more information:

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IORMA Team Australia 2018

On 3rd Nov some of our members will be playing in IORMC for team Australia against 20 other countries:

More information about the tournament is found here:

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International Online Riichi Mahjong Championship 2018

We have registered for the IORMC 2018 this year which is run by the Korea Mahjong League (KML). We did pretty well 2 years ago when we last participated, and we hope to improve on our performance and take home the trophy this time!

Further details on our team will be confirmed and published later. If you are interested in participating in this tournament feel free to contact us.

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Upcoming Meetup

There will be an upcoming riichi mahjong meetup:

Date: Saturday 11st August
Time: 11am – 6pm
Location: Good Games Town Hall
222 Clarence St, Sydney NSW 2000
(About a minutes walk from Town Hall Station / QVB)

Please support the store and buy drinks/snacks there as we are getting the space for free right now!

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Riichi Mahjong panel at SMASH 2018

We will be hosting a panel at the anime convention SMASH 2018 this year! Feel free to come along to learn how to play Riichi Mahjong. In addition we will hopefully have some friendly games.

When: Saturday 14th of July 11am to 12pm (This is the main panel time slot, we will hopefully continue with some friendly games after 12pm TBC)
Where: SMASH 2018 which is being hosted at the ICC Sydney Exhibition Centre

For more information about SMASH visit their website at:

For information about other riichi mahjong events in Sydney join our discord channel (link on the bottom right of this page) or join our Facebook group:

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Mahjong Australia – Riichi Tournaments

For anyone interested, Riichi Tournaments are being run by Mahjong Australia (in conjunction with some of our members).

These games are being held every Tuesday until the end of March 2018. Details are below:

Location: Club Five Dock
Learn to Play: 6.30pm
Tournament Start Time: 7:30pm
Finish: ~10:15pm

Tournaments are being run as 2 hanchan tournaments. We are using WRC rules with the following changes:

No uma
No honba
Penalties: At discretion of TD. Generally the most serious penalty applied will be dead hand.

As usual any questions feel free to contact us via email or on Discord

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